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    Liberty Safe Magnet Gun Caddy

    Safely rest and store your gun with Liberty Safe's magnetic gun caddy. The gun holder magnetically attaches to the side of your safe, freeing up storage space.

    2️⃣ Comes in Pack of Two
    👍 Works With Most Guns!
    ➡️ Won't Scratch Paint or Barrels

    Have you ever leaned your gun against a surface to free up your hands only to have it fall over? Now there is Magnet Gun Caddy. These magnetic gun safe accessories are a smarter way to rest your gun. The Magnet Gun Caddy attaches magnetically to the side of your safe and holds the gun barrel which helps prevent the gun from tipping over.

    • Flexible, works with most guns!
    • Won't scratch paint or barrels.
    • Single gun design for infinite placement on any metal surface.
    • Patented design actively holds the barrel