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Liberty Safe Pistol Rack

Ensure quick access to handguns when needed with Liberty Safe's premium Pistol Storage Rack - your ultimate solution for quick and secure handgun access while safeguarding your firearms from scratches and damage. Each pistol storage rack has coated rods and holds four pistols total.

🎯 Quickdraw Access: Swiftly retrieve handguns and accessories within seconds, ensuring readiness whenever needed.

🛡️ Scratch-Free Protection: Engineered with coated rods to shield your handguns from unsightly scratches and dings, preserving their pristine condition.

🚀 Space-Saving Design: Maximize your storage efficiency with the slide-out drawer, offering ample space to stow gun accessories, ammo, and valuable items securely.

🔫 Universal Compatibility: Accommodating handguns from .22 calibers and up, this rack caters to both revolvers and semi-automatics, providing versatility for firearm owners.

🛡️ Barrel Protection: Anti-scratch sleeves are included to safeguard your gun barrels further, ensuring their long-term durability.

💪 Holds up to Four Pistols: Organize and store up to four handguns efficiently, optimizing your firearm storage arrangement.

🔒 Ammo and Accessory Drawer: Conveniently access your ammo and additional accessories with the easily accessible pull-out drawer, making it a comprehensive storage solution.

Elevate your firearm storage game with our Pistol Storage Rack - the perfect blend of accessibility, protection, and space-saving functionality for gun enthusiasts.

NOTE: This pistol rack will not fit Centurion 12 safes. 

Dimensions: 5.3755" x 9.5" x 9.875" (H x W x D) 
    The length when the tray is extended is 17.25"

Factory-installed accessories and options are subject to specification changes/upgrades without notification.

P/N 10956