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    Why buy your home safe, gun safe or fire safe ​from Southeast Safes?




    Southeast Safes is a family owned business with stores covering Florida and South Georgia. We are authorized dealers for Liberty, Rhino and Browning safes, offering you ​a huge selection of the finest safes made.


    We look forward to helping you choose everything from entry level gun cabinets to high end safes. Did you know safes are no longer just for guns? Today’s features offer family and child safety, as well as storage of jewelry, family photos, important documents and even digital media. No longer do you have to run to the bank to access your safety deposit box; you can now store all valuables in one location, safe from theft, fire and floods.


    Our experienced safe delivery crews will deliver and set up your new safe safely and discreetly, and our sales and service team ​is dedicated to serving your safe both before and after the sale - you're going to be with us a long time.


    Contact Southeast Safes for service before and after the sale. We can help you select the safe that will best fit your needs (and your floor space), deliver and install it in your home or office. Our team of professionals can upgrade or service your locks, move your safe to a new location and secure it in place, or assist you with upgrades, repairs, replacements, and warranty work.

    SOUTHEAST SAFES ... Because Everyone Has Something to Protect