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Liberty Safe Handgun Hangers

Size: Hangers for Carry-Optics (2 Pack)

Handgun Hangers are a revolutionary storage solution designed to maximize the underutilized space in your safe - under the shelves. Vinyl-coated finish protects barrels from scratches and damage. Best of all, now you will have quick access to your handguns and save space in an efficient way.

  • Fits 22 Caliber and Larger
  • For Use on 5/8" - 1" Thick and at Least 10" Deep Shelves
  • Fits Handguns up to 10" in Overall Length
  • Made in the USA

Our innovative hangers offer unparalleled convenience and protection for your handguns, ensuring quick access and efficient space utilization.


🔫 Space-Saving Design: Utilize the often neglected space beneath your shelves, optimizing your Liberty gun safe's capacity with our specially designed hangers.

🛡️ Barrel Protection: Crafted with a vinyl-coated finish, these hangers safeguard your handgun barrels from scratches and damage, preserving their quality.

🎯 Quick Access: Enjoy swift and easy access to your handguns whenever needed, enhancing the readiness of your firearms collection.


✅ Compatibility: Fits handguns .22 caliber and larger, accommodating overall lengths of up to 10 inches.

✅ Shelf Requirements: Suitable for shelves between 5/8" to 1" thick and with a minimum depth of 10 inches, ensuring a secure and stable fit.

✅ Made in the USA: Manufactured with pride in the United States, ensuring premium quality and craftsmanship.

Utilize all of the storage space your gun safe has to offer with handgun hangers from Liberty Safe. They allow safe storage and convenient access.

Transform your Liberty gun safe into a highly efficient storage haven with Handgun Hangers, proudly made in the USA to protect your firearms while optimizing space usage.

Hangers for Carry Optics (2 Pack) P/N 17687
Back Over Pistol Hangers (2 Pack) P/N 10921
Back Under Pistol Hangers (2 Pack) P/N 13666
Under Shelf Pistol Hangers (4 Pack) P/N 10817
Over/Under Pistol Hangers (2 Pack)
P/N 10822