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    Liberty Safe Humidity and Temperature Monitor

    Keep an eye on your safe's interior with this easy-to-read humidity and temperature monitor. It's energy efficient and delivers reliable and accurate results.

    • Reliable and accurate
    • 10 second refresh rate
    • Clear LCD digital display
    • Mounts with flip-out stand or magnet
    • Tracks high and low levels
    • Easy-read climate conditions icons

    With Liberty's easy-to-use gun safe humidity and temperature monitor, valuables have never been better protected. With a clean, readable display, know your safe's internal conditions at just a glance. The display shows current humidity and temperature levels and keeps a record of max highs and lows that the safe experiences. The hygrometer requires only a single AAA battery to run (included in the box), and the energy efficient LCD display means you won't be changing it for a while. Just set it up inside the safe, and let the sensor do the rest.

    • Product Dimensions: 3.1" x 2.6" x .8"
    • Requires 1x AAA battery (included)