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    Liberty Safe Bow Hanger

    The bow hanger from Liberty Safe is a secure storage option you can count on. Buy archery bow hangers for your gun safes and mount them to any wood shelf!

    ➡️ Secure Archery Equipment
    ➡️ Mounts to Any Wood Shelf
    ➡️ Protective Rubber Coating
    💪 Carries up to 25 lbs.

    The Liberty Safe Bow Hanger has been designed as a secure compound bow hanger storage option within your safe. The bow hanger can be easily installed in any safe with wood shelves and will hold up to 25 lbs. (modern bows typically weight less than 7 lbs.). This archery bow hanger for gun safes is coated with a durable rubber that protects your bow and eliminates slipping. Four screws are included for simple installation.

    • Secure Valuable Archery Equipment
    • Mounts to any wood shelf
    • Protective Rubber coating
    • Archery bow holder carries up to 25 lbs.