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    Kodiak KBX Series

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    PRODUCT DETAILS: This rock solid Kodiak KBX Series features the SafeX® Security System, a revolutionary anti-pry technology that securely interlocks the body and door together. 

    Fire Protection:

    • Fire Protection at 1400°F
    • Fireboard protection in the ceiling, walls, floor, and door
    • Heat Activated Palusol® Fire Door Seal Expands Up To 8 Times Its Size, Helps Keep Out Heat and Smoke

    Security Features:

    • UL® Listed Electronic Lock
    • CA DOJ Certified Firearm Safety Device
    • 14 Gauge Steel Construction
    • SafeX® Security System, Revolutionary Anti-Pry Technology Securely Interlocks Body and Door Together
    • Hardened Armor Plate and Spring-Loaded Relocker Protects Lock from Drill Attacks
    • Patented Anti-Tamper Clutched Handle
    • Pre-Drilled to Bolt to Floor

    Style and Function:

    • Deluxe Door Organizer with Handgun Holders and Pockets
    • External Hinges Allow 180° Door Opening for Better Access
    • Space-Saving Drop Handle
    • Textured Powder-Coat Finish
    • Fully Upholstered Heather Interior
    • Internal Electrical with USB Outlets (excludes KBX5622 & KBX5629)
    • Pre-Drilled for Compatible Swing Out Gun Rack (Model KBX5940 Only)

    Safe Specifications KBX5622 KBX5629 KBX5933 KBX5940
    Long-Gun Storage 35
    42 46 57
    Minutes Fire Protection
    40 40
    Thickness of Steel 14 Gauge 14 Gauge 14 Gauge 14 Gauge
    Exterior Dimensions 56"H x 22"W x 22"D 56"H x 29"W x 22"D 59"H x 33"W x 22"D 59"H x 40"W x 23"D
    Approx. Cubic Feet 15.7
    20.7 24.8 31.4
    Weight 350 lbs. 390 lbs. 470 lbs. 573 lbs.


    Interior color and trim may vary slightly from image.

    Limited Lifetime Warranty