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Browning Safe Medallion Series

Select Your Size: M33 | DIMENSIONS: 60"(H) X 31"(W) X 25"(D)
Select Your Color: Textured Charcoal-Black Chrome-Medallion
Textured Charcoal-Black Chrome-Medallion
Matte Black-Black Chrome-Medallion
Hunter Green Metallic Gloss-Black Chrome-Medallion
Charcoal Metallic Gloss-Black Chrome-Medallion
Gloss Black-Black Chrome-Medallion
Sapphire Blue Gloss-Black Chrome-Medallion
Black Cherry Gloss-Black Chrome-Medallion
Titanium Metallic Gloss-Black Chrome-Medallion
Putty Gray-Black Chrome-Medallion
Two-Tone Crimson Fade Gloss-Black Chrome-Medallion
Two-Tone Midnight Gloss-Black Chrome-Medallion
Two-Tone Steel Dawn Gloss-Black Chrome-Medallion
Two-Tone Desert Smoke Gloss-Black Chrome-Medallion

Made with a 10-Gauge steel body and inner plate, Uni-Force™ and OmniBarrier® Locking Systems, and nearly two hours of 1,700° ThermaBlock fire protection, the Medallion deserves an award for its impenetrability. Customize your Axis Adjustable Shelving and choose from 13 colors—the quality craftsmanship and reliability remain the same regardless. Simulated worn leather interior.


Patented premium full DPX SYSTEM door including:

  • Scope Saver
  • Quick Access Barrel Rack
  • Pistol & Storage Pouches

4"X 1" MAX BOLTS: Up to 14 total chrome-plated Max locking bolts on four sides of door (top, sides & bottom). 

FIRE PROTECTION: 1,700° for 110 minutes. ThermaBlock technology with 2-1/2" ceiling insulation, 2-1/2" body insulation and 2-3/8" door insulation.

AXIS SHELVING: Adjustable, polymer-covered steel shelves to protect firearms & valuables. 

INTERIOR POWER: Interior LED light package and electrical outlet. 

  • These safes come with a free electronic lock upgrade - a $139 value!  
    (If you'd prefer a mechanical lock, please specify MECHANICAL in the "Notes" section when you check out & we'd be happy to provide that for you.)


  • 1-11/16" thick Duo-Formed Door with Full Coverage 10-Gauge Inner Plate
  • Gear Drive Locking System
  • Hardened Steel Pin Lock Protection
  • Pry-Stop End Bolts
Safe Specs
M49 M33
Exterior 57"W, 72"H, 26"D 57"W, 60"H, 26"D 44"W, 72"H, 26"D  44"W, 60"H, 26"D 32"W, 60"H, 26"D
Interior 51"W, 66"H, 17"D 51"W, 54"H, 17"D 38.5"W, 66"H, 17"D 38.5"W, 54"H, 17"D 26"W, 54"H, 17"D
Cubic Feet 62
48 40
Gun Capacity 65 (39/52+13) 65 (39/52+13) 49 (26/39+10) 49 (26/39+10) 33 (13/26+7)
Overall Weight 1,585 lbs 1,375 lbs 1,315 lbs 1,105 lbs 895 lbs
Axis Shelves 12 8 8 5
Barrel Racks
4 4 3 3 2
Pistol Rack
1 1 1 1 1
Locking Bolts 14 (All active) 12 (All active) 14 (All active) 12 (All active) 12 (All active)
Thickness of Steel 10 Gauge 10 Gauge 10 Gauge 10 Gauge 10 Gauge