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    Browning Safe Deluxe 65T

    If your gun collection is already big, or you want space for a growing collection, the Browning PROSTEEL DLX65T is the largest safe in the Deluxe line. Classified as a Tall Extra Wide safe, the cavernous interior can swallow up to 65 long guns, while the Axis interior makes all of your other valuables and handguns simple to organize and locate.

    Make no mistake, this is a BIG safe. The exterior dimensions, however, are designed to take up space along the wall instead of projecting into the room. This all means that when you notice your Deluxe safe in your home it will be because of its gorgeous appearance rather than the fact that you constantly have to walk or move around it.


    Safe Specifications
    DELUXE 65T
     Gun Capacity / Config 65 total (39/52+13)
    Body Thickness 11 Gauge
    Bolts 10 (6 active)
    Cubic Feet 60
    Fire Rating 100 Minute / 1680°
    Overall Weight 1295 lbs
    Dimensions 72x56x25.5
    Handle Type 5-Spoke
    Door Type 1 5/16" Duo-Formed
    Paint GLOSS
    Lock System Force Deflector
    Safe Security Rating UL® RSC Tool Attack
    Interior Color Beige Fabric
    Locking Bolt Sides 4