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We recommend that you have a professional and experienced team of movers move your existing safe or provide delivery of your new safe to your home. We make this recommendation for your safety and to prevent damage to your safe and home. The prices listed on our website are for pickup only. There is an extra charge for curbside delivery and installation .

But a question we are often asked is how much does it actually cost to move or deliver a safe?


Main Factors for Pricing
There are several factors that go into calculating the cost to move a safe. The standard pricing for moving a safe range from $175 to $525.

Prices are based:

  • Weight and dimension of your safe
  • Distance to where it will be delivered
  • Where your safe will be placed in your home
  • Standard pickup and delivery to place of choice


​Information Needed to Schedule Delivery
When scheduling your delivery, you need to provide as much information as possible for an accurate quote. The more upfront and complete you are with the details needed for the move, the smoother your delivery will go. Plus, you will avoid any surprises with additional fees come delivery day.

We recommend supplying photos showing:
  • - The approach to your home
  • - Doors that the drivers will need to bring the safe through
  • - Any hallways or rooms that the movers will need to push the safe through
  • - The final location where the safe will be located


When giving information about where your safe will be placed in your home, the exact location counts. Specify whether the safe will be placed in a:


  • - Garage-type structure with a flat delivery area with no steps involved
  • - Room on the main floor with three or fewer steps
  • - Basement or room on the second floor with 12 or fewer straight steps leading up or down to another level




What Does Standard Delivery Include?

The standard delivery fee includes:


    • Up to three delivery people
    • Specialized delivery trucks
    • Specialized installation equipment
  • Insurance to cover possible home damage
  • Highway tolls
  • The time it takes to complete the delivery


Custom Delivery Charges

We realize that not all deliveries fit the definition of a standard delivery. Additional charges may apply for:


  • Multiple floors
  • One or more stair landings
  • Narrow turns
  • Removing doors, railings, and molding
  • Distance to delivery location
  • Complexity of the move, like moving safe over grass or dirt
  • Bolting the safe to the floor




The cost to move or deliver your safe is a smart investment for your safety and for protecting your safe and home.