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    Safe Security Level 1

    Liberty Safe understands that not everyone can afford a high-end safe with expensive security features. This doesn’t mean you can’t have proper protection for your firearms and valuables. We have you covered with a variety of safes with security levels ranging 1-8.

    Centurion, a Budget-Friendly Level 1 Security Safe

    If you need a budget-friendly and secure safe, the Centurion Series gun safe is a great example of Liberty’s Level 1 security. As one of our top-selling safes, the Centurion is economy-priced, which is very important today, as many Americans are watching every penny. But “economy pricing” doesn’t mean you have to skimp on security. Just consider the security features that Level 1 security safes like the Centurion have:

    Security Certification

    Liberty Security Level 1 gun safes are California Department of Justice (DOJ)-approved as a firearm security device. Liberty gun safes with Level 1 security meet or exceed the requirements under California's Penal Code Section 23655.

    Built with Strong American-Made Steel

    The thickness of a safe’s steel walls is a contributing factor in pricing. Gun safes with a Level 1 security rating feature 14-gauge American-made steel walls and a 7/8-inch composite door.

    Strong Locking Mechanism

    Security Level 1 gun safes have a single-actuator locking mechanism. This is a simple but very effective locking mechanism that works well with both the standard UL-listed S&G 6741 mechanical lock and the optional upgraded SecuRam Safelogic TopLit® electronic lock.

    Military-Style Locking Bars

    Rather than traditional locking pins, Liberty’s gun safes feature our patented military-style locking bars. Security Level 1 safes like the Centurion feature a total of ten 4-inch locking bars that are 3/16-inch thick placed on two sides of the safe’s door.

    Hardplate Lock Guard

    Lock guards prevent burglars from drilling into a safe’s locking mechanism. Liberty’s Security Level 1 safes feature a single RC63 hardplate that works to resist drill and punch attacks and keep thieves out.

    What about Fire Protection?

    Security is major factor to consider when shopping for a safe. So is fire protection. Don’t assume a gun safe provides both. With a Liberty gun safe, you get security and superior fire protection.

    A Centurion gun safe provides 30 minutes of fire protection at 1200° with:

    • 1 layer of fireboard protection in its sides and door jambs
    • 3 layers of fireboard protection in its door and ceiling
    • Heat-activated, expanding Palusol™ door seal

    Cost is a major factor when choosing a safe, but there’s no need to compromise security.