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    Level 8 Security

    2 1/2 Hour Fire Rating

    Max Long Gun Capacity: 39

    Dimensions: 72.5"(H) x 42"(W) x 32"(D)


    Every Day Price:$6,899 

    Best Safe in the Market

    "My new National Magnum-50 was recently delivered and I could not be more pleased. I am really glad I purchased the 50 instead of the 40 because you can never have enough room inside. The 50 has lots of room for long guns, hand guns, ammo, jewelry, important papers and family photo albums. When I thought about the things I wanted to protect from fire or theft, there was no choice, I purchased the 50. The safe was more expensive than what I originally planned to spend, but the extra cost is worth the extra peace of mind. I highly recommend the National Magnum 50. "

    Andy | Verified Buyer

    Level 5 Security

    90 Minute Fire Rating

    Max Long Gun Capacity: 27

    Dimensions: 60.5"(H) x 30"(W) x 28.5"(D)


    Every Day Price: $2,549

    Best Warranty

    "Looked around for two months deciding a a safe for the house. I was sold on the Life time Warranty and the Salesmanship that Iwas presented with at Als Pawn and Sports in Caldwell Idaho. The guys delivered the safe and installed in only 40 minutes and with a walk through of setting up the safe. Will recommend to any person that needs a safe.!!!"

    Jeremy | Verified Buyer

    Level 4 Security

    75 Minute Fire Rating

    Max Long Gun Capacity: 64

    Dimensions: 60.5"(H) x 42"(W) x 32"(D)


    Every Day Price: $2,788


    "The safe is great for storing documents and to protect against the a snatch and grab. This safe is good if you use it in conjunction with a security system as this will eliminate the access to time to open the safe. "

    Virginia Joe | Verified Buyer

    Level 3 Security

    60 Minute Fire Rating

    Max Long Gun Capacity: 48

    Dimensions: 60.5"(H) x 42"(W) x 25"(D)


    Every Day Price: $1,699

    Another Real Man's Safe

    "It was nice to see a pocket Accessory on the in side door. Plus you ship anchors for concrete and lag bolts for flooring. The safe is another well made Liberty. Thank goodness It still made In America. "

    Outdoor Bob | Verified Buyer


    Level 1 Security

    30 Minute Fire Rating

    Max Long Gun Capacity: 27

    Dimensions: 59.5"(H) x 28.25"(W) x 22"(D)


    Every Day Price: $999.99

    Right Safe for Right Price

    "The friendly staff at Als Pawn and Sports worked hard to get me into the right safe that fit my buget. and the owner brought it to me. I feel a lot better knowing my guns are locked up. "

    Shawn Bales| Verified Buyer