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    BLOG: What to expect when my safe is delivered

    Having a Liberty Safe certified delivery agent deliver your new safe is the best way to move your safe. Here are a few things you can expect with your delivery.

    An On-Time Delivery

    The delivery crew recommended by your local dealer knows your time is valuable. Normally, almost all deliveries are made on time. It is rare for a delivery to be late, but when an unavoidable delay does happen, you will receive updates to prevent any additional inconvenience. Every attempt will be made to work out a new delivery time that fits your schedule.

    A Low-Key Delivery

    You can expect that your safe will be delivered in a truck that does not advertise that you now have a safe. This prevents would be thieves or nosy neighbors from knowing your business. The truck will feature only markings that are required by law to operate it.

    A Professional and Experienced Crew

    The crew delivering your new safe is fully experienced in knowing how to move a safe and will do their best to deliver and install your safe to your first desired location. They will arrive with all the equipment needed to bring your safe into your home without causing damage to your floors and walls. The crew will treat your home and property as if it were their own. Once the job is done, the crew will clean up all packing materials and any debris from the installation.

    Bolting-Down Your Safe

    It is recommended that your safe be bolted down for security and safety reasons. This service is normally offered for a nominal fee. Ask your dealer about this service when you discuss delivery. The only time this cannot be done is if you have a post-tension foundation. If you have this type of foundation, it is too risky to drill into the concrete because of the risk of hitting a cable. This could cause serious injury or even death, in addition to a very expensive repair bill.

    Instruction on How to Operate Your Safe

    Once your safe is installed, you will not just be handed an owner’s manual as the crew walks out the door to leave. The delivery crew will make sure that you know how to work the combination lock or change the numbers on your safe’s electronic lock. They will go over any important operational instructions that you might need to start using your safe right away.